UHV E-Beam Systems

There is an ongoing tendency regarding minimizing within the semiconductor and electronics industry. Consequences are very demanding highly accurate positioning systems in the sub-micron range for the suppliers of such complete E-beam and metrology based systems. At the same time, because of competitions, cost factors became more and more important. One of the PM-MOTION customers is a supplier of E-beam systems in the semiconductor industry. For many years PM-MOTION has been a value added supplier to the Semiconductor industry, for various international customers, both front-end and back-end. The semiconductor industry is a highly demanding market, which is known for its ultra high precision system requirements and is characterized by:

  • High complexity of technological developments and application
  • High rate of technological developments and innovation
  • Very short time to market for new product introductions
  • High sensitivity to cyclical trends; rapid growth and sudden decline

With a strategic selected team of technicians, PM-MOTION is a leading specialist in the development, design, manufacturing, assembly and integration of advanced positioning systems and related mechatronics.  PM-MOTION has multiple decades experience in manufacturing critical and complex system structures. Our engineering team has a diverse background from the semiconductor industry until the world leading military organizations.

PM-MOTION product range is:

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