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Vacuum Technology

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PM-MOTION has a broad experience regarding vacuum technology through continually testing the use of many vacuum materials and manufacturing methods. PM’s experience can improve the performance of your vacuum system against cost effective configurations. PM-MOTION employs the latest 3D-CAD modeling, finite element analysis (FEA), Algor simulation software and vacuum software tools for the design, manufacturing and integration of positioning stages in HV and UHV environments. PM-MOTION is equipped to handle just about any modelling format in the industry.

PM-MOTION competent design and engineering staff can assist you in determining the best vacuum compatible materials and PM’s manufacturing engineering staff make sure it is cost effective to build.

By being a member of the PM-GROUP and the close cooperation between PM-MOTION and sister subsidiary PM-PRECISION we have the ability over advanced manufacturing facilities which are able to efficiently manufacture small and large vacuum chambers. PM-PRECISION manufactures production chambers as well as one-off and prototype vacuum chambers.

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